About Us

We believe the future of inspections will be characterized by a dramatic increase in the use of technology and automation. This is why we developed NSPECT. 

At NSPECT we believe:

  • Remote inspections will become the new norm: With the proliferation of remote work and the availability of new technologies, like NSPECT, more inspections will be conducted remotely. This will not only include the use of 3-D models but remote sensing technologies such as drones, virtual reality, augmented reality and other immersive technologies.


  • Greater use of artificial intelligence and machine learning: Artificial intelligence and machine learning will be used to automate certain aspects of inspections, such as data collection and analysis. This will help to reduce the time and cost of inspections, improve on their accuracy while providing more accurate compliance data and record keeping.


  • Increased integration of inspections with other technologies: Inspections will be increasingly integrated with other technologies, such as building management systems and other smart devices. This will enable real-time monitoring and analysis of conditions and facilitate rapid response to issues.


  • More emphasis on sustainability and environmental performance: As concerns about the environment and sustainability grow, inspections will increasingly focus on evaluating the environmental performance of buildings and other facilities. This will include the use of new technologies and techniques to assess energy efficiency, water usage, and other sustainability metrics.

At NSPECT the future of inspections starts now.