We help franchisors maintain brand standards and policies by scaling real-time virtual inspections with no travel required.

Effortlessly Uphold Excellence Across Your Franchise Network: Embrace the Power of Virtual Inspections for Consistent Quality Without the Hassle of Travel.

Consistent Customer Experience

Brand standards ensure that customers receive a uniform experience regardless of which franchise location they visit. This consistency is key to building customer trust and loyalty.

Brand Identity and Reputation

Brand standards help maintain the franchisor’s intended brand identity and reputation. Inconsistent experiences or deviations from brand policies can harm the brand’s overall perception in the market.
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Quality Control

Adhering to set standards and policies ensures that all franchise locations maintain a certain level of quality. This is crucial in industries like food and beverage, hospitality, and retail.
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Operational Efficiency

Standardized policies streamline operations across various locations, making management more efficient and reducing the likelihood of operational errors.

Legal Compliance and Risk Mitigation

Maintaining consistent policies helps in complying with legal standards and reduces the risk of liabilities that may arise from inconsistent practices.

Franchisee Success and Support

Clear and consistent standards provide a roadmap for franchisees, aiding in their success and growth. It also ensures that franchisors can effectively support their franchisees.

Marketing and Brand Growth

Strong brand standards contribute to more effective marketing strategies and help in attracting new franchisees, facilitating growth and expansion of the franchise network.

Competitive Advantage

In a competitive market, franchises that consistently uphold high standards can differentiate themselves and gain a competitive edge.
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Explore the Cutting-Edge Benefits of 3D Virtual Inspections with NSPECT: Revolutionizing Franchise Standards Compliance

Maximize Efficiency, Ensure Consistency: See How Our 3D Virtual Inspections Transform Franchise Management and Quality Control

Detailed and Accurate Representation

3D models provide a highly accurate and detailed representation of physical spaces. This allows franchisors to conduct thorough inspections as if they were physically present, ensuring that brand standards are consistently maintained across all locations.

Enhanced Training and Onboarding

For new franchisees, 3D models can be an invaluable tool for training and onboarding. They provide a realistic view of how a franchise location should look and operate, serving as a standard for setup and layout.

Collaboration and Knowledge Repository

NSPECT allows multiple experts to participate in the inspection process which results in better, more balanced reporting and escalation.  NSPECT allows for all your inspection reports, points of interest, comments and pictures to be stored and retrieved easily.  Never let years of historical knowledge be lost with a retirement or employment status.

Easier Identification of Issues

With the ability to explore every corner of a location virtually, franchisors can easily identify areas that do not meet brand standards or require attention, leading to quicker resolution and compliance.

Interactive and Immersive Experience

3D models offer an interactive experience, allowing users to virtually navigate through spaces. This interactivity aids in a more comprehensive and engaging inspection process.

Marketability and Stakeholder Engagement

For prospective franchisees or investors, 3D models offer a cutting-edge and modern way to showcase franchise locations, enhancing the appeal and marketability of the brand.


3D models can be accessed from anywhere at any time, providing flexibility for franchisors to conduct inspections or reviews according to their schedule.

Documentation and Record-Keeping:

3D models serve as an excellent tool for documentation. They provide a visual record of the state of a franchise at any given time, which can be useful for tracking changes, planning renovations, or addressing compliance issues.

Enhanced Communication with Franchisees

3D models facilitate clearer communication between franchisors and franchisees. They allow franchisors to point out specific areas of concern directly within the model, making it easier for franchisees to understand and rectify issues.

Consistency in Standards

By providing a ‘gold standard’ visual model, franchises ensure consistency in the look and feel of each location, which is crucial for brand identity and customer experience.

NSPECT your Brand

  • Maintaining brand integrity: Brand inspections can help ensure that a company’s brand is being consistently represented and that all products, materials, and communications accurately reflect the brand’s values and identity.


  • Identifying potential issues: Brand inspections can help identify potential issues or areas for improvement in how the brand is being represented. For example, an inspection might identify inconsistencies in the use of brand assets or identify opportunities to improve the customer experience.


  • Protecting the brand: Regular brand inspections can help protect a company’s brand by identifying and addressing any potential issues or challenges that could damage the brand’s reputation.


  • Enhancing customer loyalty: By consistently representing and upholding the values of the brand, companies can enhance customer loyalty and build trust with their customers.


  • Improving the overall customer experience: By ensuring that all products, materials, and communications accurately reflect the brand, companies can improve the overall customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Number of seconds to make a first impression
Increase in revenue with branding consistency
Of companies have brand guidelines
Of consumers will pay more for trusted brands

How NSPECT can enhance your existing inspection processes

NSPECT allows on-site personnel to quickly capture assets and reduce travel time of your more experienced personnel who can collaborate with teams across the region or across the world.  In less than one hour, your team can have Nspect fully functional and generating value.


Space is Captured

You can capture a building or structure in a few hours using your own tools or NSPECT can do it for you with our concierge service.


Create NSPECT Project

Pick your type of project in NSPECT or create your own custom template to work from within a few minutes.


Collaborate on Npoints

Start marking up your project yourself or share it with other experts anywhere in the world.  Collaborate in real-time to drive your critical thinking, annotations and measurements into the model.


Share Actionable Data

Share your Npoints quickly and easily in website links or PDF reports with customers, vendors or your own executive team.

NSPECT Concierge Service

The easy and fast way to accelerate your project.

NSPECT Concierge was built for our clients that want to:

  • Avoid the complexities of hardware, software and capture services
  • Have a third party build your 3D model and setup your project inside Nspect
  • Focus on applying your expertise and knowledge to your project
  • Show people what you see and what to do drive outcomes
  • Setup and share accounts with multiple stakeholders
  • Quickly deliver proof of concept projects

NSPECT Concierge gives you access to a team that gets you up and running Immediately. Within hours, you and your team can be collaborating inside Nspect while your scan is being processed. As the project is loaded and shared, you start using the Nspect on your project.  Each project comes with an unlimited-use subscription that is included in the price.

One stop. Guaranteed price. Unlimited access to Nspct for each project.

We just need a few details about your project and we provide a quote. Our Concierge Team will have your project up and running within a week*.

*For typical spaces less than 150,000 square feet

Try the new NSPECT Concierge service

Main benefits of NSPECT Concierge:

  • No Long term contracts, project-based
  • No Hardware to buy.
  • No Software to purchase.
  • Your team is trained and up and running in less than an hour.
  • Access to our entire training and knowledge base.
  • Your Project is scanned by our team ANYWHERE in the world in 7 days or less.
  • Your NSPECT Account set up immediately.
  • Your Project will be connected to NSPECT soon as it is completed.
  • Create nPoints and collaborate with your team in real-time.
  • Create and send your PDF report in minutes.
  • Full Access to all NSPECT Features.

Try the new NSPECT Concierge service

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